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My approach to user centered design begins with a conversation. From that conversation ideas are born, user research is performed, observations are made and design visions become clearer. Proposals are made, goals are set and the planning and sketching begins. Rapid cycles of sketches and interaction models make sure that goals are met and measured against the project requirements. After a few cycles it’s time for mockups and interactive prototypes to make sure you capture the user experience goals that can’t be expressed on paper. Cycles of user testing help keep these prototypes focused and ensure again that the project goals and needs of the user are being met. After all that hard work the final design and execution should come naturally and easily. A few more rounds of quick user testing should confirm that the end result is pleasant to use, efficient and reliable.

requirements and idea generation

Auction House Persona CDM survey script HiFi Buy-In generator

planning and sketching

metroTracker Sketch Kiosk Interaction Map Interla Bid Tool


Auction House Tool for eBay Balsamiq iteration of auction house bid manager Hi-FI CTA comp


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The CDM site usage survey was performed to gain a better understanding of how current students used the CDM website and how it could be better structured to meet the needs of both students and faculty. Usability testing was performed on the second iteration of the CDM kiosks in order to gain a better understanding of how display relevant and interactive content to students at CDM.

PDF of Kiosk Usability Test Results PDF of CDM Site Usage Survey.

design and polish

Kiosk version two Home Screen Kiosk version two faculty viewer Kiosk version two events calendar

Kiosk version three home page Kiosk version three maps pager Kiosk version three faculty and staff page

A brief video walkthrough of the third version of the CDM kiosks. Best viewed full screen, at 1920x1080.

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